Sleep Tight

Earlier in the week I discussed the importance of a morning ritual and how this can set you up for a healthier, happier life; And as important as a morning routine is, an evening routine is just as important to set you up to feel refreshed and well-rested the following morning. As a parent, I... Continue Reading →

Rise and Grind

Have you ever thought about how you start your day? Not just, what time of day you need to wake up to get ready in time, to be out the door and where you need to be on time; But actually started your day with intention? Imagine if you started your day with clear purpose,... Continue Reading →

100 Women Who Care: Aug 2018 Meeting

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my 1st meeting of 100 Women Who Care of Alamogordo. Although I have been a member since the inception last year, I have yet to be able to attend a meeting, as I don't actually live in Alamogordo.¬†Attending the meeting last night, provided the opportunity my mother... Continue Reading →

Discipline Equals Freedom

Since our vacation to Florida this summer, I have been on vacay mode; eating crap, drinking more than I should, thoroughly living my best unhealthy life. My "summer body" went out the window, along with some of my healthy habits, which is one of the reasons "Wellness" is the top priority of this months agenda.... Continue Reading →

Ice Ice Baby

What if the best part of waking up, wasn't actually Folgers in your cup? What if the best thing to do to kick start your day was actually a cold shower? I know, I know, but hear me out. Exposure to cold is increasing more and more in popularity due to it's wide array of... Continue Reading →

August Happiness Project: Wellness

During the month of July, I learned a great deal about myself; about giving grace and my short-comings. I learned that it is much easier to give grace in situations where I am comfortable and agreeable; yet when situations are outside of my comfort zone, or I don't agree with someone or something, it is... Continue Reading →

What Does Grace Look Like?

Have you ever tried to define Grace? We hear the terms, "God's Grace," and "Give some Grace," but have you ever thought about what that really means? This month, while trying to give myself and others grace, I've done a lot of searching for what that truly means, to me. I have read books about... Continue Reading →

My Intent

I've referenced MyIntent previously and how I use this as a way to help myself stay focused on goal and motivation, yet I haven't really discussed it's details. At this point, you may have just thought I don't understand proper grammar and capitalization. I came across the MyIntent Project in 2017, while trying to find... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Read-Aloud Family

During my trip to Georgia, two of my girlfriends recommended that we go to "The Story Shop" a small, whimsical children's bookstore. My friends knew of the passion my mom and I have for reading, and they knew that we would fall in love with the store. Children's literacy is something my family takes seriously.... Continue Reading →

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