100 Women 2018 1st Quarter Meeting

A few weeks ago, the 100 Women Who Care of Alamogordo, held their first quarter meeting. One of the things I love about this organization, is that simplicity and efficiency of this organization. You meet for one hour, once a quarter, and donate $100 to an organization that is voted on during the meeting. It... Continue Reading →

100 Women Who Care

100 Women Who Care: Alamogordo was established in 2017 and is currently seeking  members. ​How does 100 Women Work? 100 Women Who Care: Alamogordo is just that, 100 or more members, all women who care about charitable organizations (specifically 501c3) in Alamogordo.  Each member commits to donate $400 per year, $100 each quarter.  ​Group meetings... Continue Reading →

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